SINOVO Wire Drawing Machine VFD SD600W

  • Brief description of the principle: No matter what kind of wire drawing machine, three links in the working process are essential: pay off, draw, and take up.

  • Pay-off: Most of the wire-drawing machine’s metal wire pay-off link is realized by driving the pay-off frame through the frequency converter, but there are also some wire drawing machines that drive the pay-off frame through dual frequency converters, and even some The tension of the wire of the wire drawing machine is drawn into the wire drawing machine, so that the wire can be released freely.

  • Wire drawing: The wire drawing link is the most important link in the working process of the wire drawing machine. Similarly, this link is very strict in controlling the time and speed. In order to strictly control the drawing speed and ensure that all levels of the drawing system can work together, Take the water tank wire drawing machine as an example, which can be controlled by the speed of the drawing wheel and the tension on the wire.

  • Take-up: The take-up link is the most difficult link in the wire drawing machine system. The work efficiency of the take-up link directly determines the work efficiency of the wire drawing machine system. In the whole take-up link, the technologies we usually use are synchronized. Control the technical tension to realize the winding process of the metal wire.

Related parameters:

SD600W series inverter is a special inverter developed by SINOVO for the winding industry, metal wire drawing industry, and wire and cable industry based on the general summary of winding applications.
Adopt closed-loop (tension/position signal detection feedback) speed control mode.
In this mode, the inverter adjusts the output frequency according to the feedback signal, so as to achieve the purpose of control.
It has the characteristics of no need for PID synchronization board, PLC, few parameter settings, convenient debugging and stable performance.
It is mainly aimed at tension control with tension feedback control system such as water tank double frequency conversion wire drawing machine, straight-in wire drawing machine, power pay-off frame, etc.

Market demand:

As the main processing equipment in the cable industry, the wire drawing machine is very common. After years of development, there are more and more types of wire drawing machines. Pulley type wire drawing machine, inverted wire drawing machine, etc. Although the process of these wire drawing machines is different, their functions in the processing industry are the same. They all pass stainless steel wires or copper wires with larger diameters through the wire drawing machine equipment. Its diameter changes.

With the continuous improvement of technology, frequency conversion speed regulator has been widely used in the wire drawing machine industry. The application of frequency converter is mainly to ensure the drawing speed regulation, tension coiling, multi-level synchronous control and other links, which can greatly improve the wire drawing machine. The automation level and working ability can effectively reduce the energy consumption of wire drawing equipment to a certain extent and reduce the cost for enterprises.

Application Scenario
Drawing Machine VFD SD600W
Drawing Machine VFD SD600W

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