SINOVO Ac Servo Motor And Drive 750w 1hp Big Power

  • Wide power adaptable range: AC 220V, AC 220V±20%.
  • Perfect protection functions: overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and encoder fault.
  • Control position precision ±0.01%.
  • Overload capacity: 300% overload capacity

Product Detail

Essential details

This high-performance general AC servo drive is our company independent research and development new generation full digital AC servo drive, it main adopt the latest digital signal processor DSP technology and large scale programmable FPGA technology as the core operation and control unit, as well as intelligent power module IPM has quick response speed, perfect protection and high reliability etc,.

This drive is a new generation full digital AC servo driver and possess high level of integration, installation of small size, which is industrial automation production energy saving and high efficiency ideal product.

Compared with the traditional servo driver, the servo driver has the following advantages:

1.Motor power adapt to 220V mains input 50W~2.6KW, 380V mains input 2.6KW~11KW.
2.The high-performance general AC servo drive possess torque, speed, position, point-to-point position and hybrid switch function.
3.It possess various control mode such as position control, speed control, torque control, general IO control and JOG(inching function)control.
4.The servo drive built-in braking system, which can meet larger overload applications.
5.The servo drive built-in 4 segment position control command, which can free planning point-to-point position control.
6.Servo motor comes with encoder and position signal feedback to servo drive with open loop position controller constitute a half of closed loop control system.
7.The speed ratio is 1:5000, which from low speed to high speed possess stable torque characteristic.
8.The highest rotate speed of the various servo motor can arrive 6000rpm.
9.Control position precision ±0.01%.
10.Voltage space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) compared with the traditional SPWM, the number of switch reduces the one-third of switching devices, DC voltage utilization ratio can be increased by 15%, which can obtain good harmonic suppression effect, and easy to realize the digital control.
11.300% overload capacity, and have strong overload ability.
12.Wide power adapt range: for example AC 220V, AC 220V±20%.
13.Perfect protection functions: overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, encoder fault.

Various display functions: including motor speed, motor current, location, location deviation, pulse number, pulse frequency, linear speed, input/output interface diagnosis and alarm history record, etc.

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