SINOVO SD300Q Ball Mill Machine VFD

  • Brief description of the principle:
    The barrel of the ball mill is equipped with grinding media (steel balls, steel rods or ball millstones), the total amount of which is 25%-55% of the effective volume of the barrel. The motor drives the ball mill through the belt installed on the barrel of the ball mill, so that the ball mill Rotate around the horizontal axis at a specified speed. The grinding medium and ore in the barrel of the ball mill are lifted to a certain height by the liner of the barrel under the action of centrifugal force and friction, and then fall or fall freely from the barrel wall, so that the ore is crushed by impact and grinding.
  • Corresponding to the characteristics of SINOVO VFD control:
    SINOVO SD300Q series ball mill special frequency conversion cabinet is used to control the operation, stop and switch of the main and auxiliary motors of the ball mill, and can realize the frequency conversion control of the main machine, so that the production capacity of the equipment can be adjusted freely, save energy and prolong the service life of the unit.
  • High-performance power-saving control and regulation of speed and torque of three-phase AC asynchronous motor.
  • Perfect support for multiple communication bus protocols and multiple PG cards.Perfect anti-trip control and adapt to bad power grid function.

Product Detail

Related parameters SINOVO SD300Q VFD:

Note: Run command selection terminal run command channel, keyboard Stop is invalid.
Note: The frequency source is set by analog AI1.
Note: The time for frequency conversion to accelerate from 0Hz to the maximum output frequency is 60s.
Note: It takes 60s for the frequency conversion to decelerate from the maximum output frequency to 0Hz.
Note: The S1 terminal function selects forward rotation.
Note: The S3 terminal function selects external fault input.
Note: S2 terminal function selection fault reset.
(F05.03 must be set first and then F05.02, because the default value of F05.03 is 7, which cannot be repeated)
Note: Relay R02 output selects inverter failure.
Note: A01 output selects the output voltage.
Note: A02 output selects the output current.
Note: A01 output upper limit. Adjusting this value can correct the voltage and frequency displayed on the touch screen.
Note: A02 output lower limit. When the host frequency is 0, the touch screen will display the current as 0.
Note: A02 output upper limit. Adjusting this value corrects the current displayed on the touch screen.

Market demand:

The ball mill mining machinery industry has been listed as one of the strategic emerging industries by Chinese governmnet. The demand for applications on ball mills will undoubtedly continue to rise.

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