SINOVO industrial laundry machine VFD

  • Brief description of the principle:
    The industrial washing machine is driven by the motor through the belt variable speed to rotate the inner tank, and under the action of the timing controller, it rotates forward and backward, driving the water and clothes to make asynchronous movement, so that the water and clothes rub and rub against each other to achieve the purpose of washing.
  • SINOVO industrial laundry mahince VFD corresponding to the characteristics of frequency converter control:
    High torque, multi-speed, wide voltage range, automatic slip compensation, support multiple communication methods;
    Stable performance, can adapt to the high temperature and high humidity environment of various hotels and hotel laundry rooms;
Related parameters:

F00.01 Motor 1 control mode ******0
F02.00 Running command channel ******1
F01.00 Frequency source selection****** 6
F01.07 Maximum frequency ******125HZ
F01.09 Upper limit frequency ******125HZ
F03.00 Acceleration time 1 ******120S
F03.01 Deceleration time 1 ******110S
F28.00 Carrier frequency setting ******6.0
F05.00 Motor 1 type ******1
F04.00 Motor 1V/F curve setting ******1
F04.01 Motor 1V/F frequency point 1 ******1.50HZ
F04.02 Motor 1V/F voltage point 1 ******7.0%
F04.03 Motor 1V/F frequency point 2 ******7.00HZ
F04.04 Motor 1V/F voltage point 2 ******25.0%
F04.05 Motor 1V/F frequency point 3 ******35.00HZ
F04.06 Motor 1V/F voltage point 3 ******100.0%
F04.27 Current limiting level ******150%
F11.00 DI1 terminal function selection ******1
F11.01 DI2 terminal function selection ******2
F11.02 DI3 terminal function selection ******19
F11.03 DI4 terminal function selection ******20
F11.04 DI5 terminal function selection******21

F12.03 Relay T1 output selection****** 7
F12.04 Relay T2 output selection ******1
F03.02 Acceleration time2 ******160S
F03.03 Deceleration time 2 ******105S
F02.20 Dynamic braking threshold voltage ******680V
F21.00 Multi-stage speed 0 ******6.5HZ
F21.01 Multi-stage speed 1****** 13HZ
F21.02 Multi-stage speed 2 ******60HZ
F21.03 Multi-stage speed 3 ******80HZ
F21.04 Multi-stage speed 4****** 90HZ
F21.05 Multi-stage speed 5 ******100HZ
F21.06 Multi-stage speed 6 ******115HZ
F21.19 Multi-stage speed 0acceleration and deceleration selection****** 0
F21.21 Multi-stage speed acceleration and deceleration selection ******0
F21.23 Multi-stage speed 2acceleration and deceleration selection****** 10
F21.25 Multi-stage speed 3acceleration and deceleration selection ******10
F21.27 Multi-stage speed 4acceleration and deceleration selection ******10
F21.29 Multi-stage speed 5 acceleration and deceleration selection****** 10
F21.31 Multi-stage speed 6 acceleration and deceleration selection ******10

Market demand:

In recent years, industrial washing equipment is mainly water washing equipment, and the application of frequency converters has become more and more popular. Therefore, frequency converters have brought a new technological revolution to industrial washing equipment, from the earliest non-adjustable semi-automatic washing machines to Two two-speed motors are used to realize the fully automatic washing machine with four speeds, and finally it is developed to a modern washing machine with only one motor that can realize multi-stage speeds.

Industrial washing machines require frequency converters to provide high torque, multi-speed, wide voltage range, automatic slip compensation and convenient communication methods; stable performance, able to adapt to high temperature and high humidity environments in various hotels and hotel laundry rooms; frequency converters Suppliers can provide timely and comprehensive services. In short, the inverter is required to adapt to the specific washing process requirements of industrial washing machines and the service requirements of specific customer groups.

Application Scenario
Industrial Laundry Machine VFD
Industrial Laundry Machine VFD
Industrial Laundry Machine VFD

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