SINOVO Constant Pressure Water Supply VFD SD600P

  • Communication connection, increase or decrease the water pump according to the water consumption, and regularly rotate the water pump to balance the working time.

  • Backup main engine function, the main engine failure can be switched to run automatically to ensure the normal water supply.

  • When the auxiliary machine fails, the system automatically jumps off the faulty machine to run without affecting the operation of other equipment.

  • The monitoring function of the upper computer can be selected, which can monitor the water pressure, frequency, current and alarm status, and can start and stop through communication.

  • Multi-connection can make the service life of the system longer and the reliability higher.

  • Support multi-unit connection and one-drag multi-mode for multi-scenario applications.

Brief description of the principle:

The parameters are set according to the water pressure of the pipe network or the water flow of the user, and the speed of the pump motor is automatically adjusted by controlling the output frequency of the frequency converter through the microcomputer, so as to realize the closed-loop adjustment (PID) of the water pressure of the pipe network and achieve the automatic constant stability of the water supply system at the set point.

The goal of setting the pressure value is specifically that when the water consumption increases, the frequency increases, the pump speed increases, and the water supply increases; when the water consumption decreases, the frequency decreases, the pump speed slows down, and the water supply decreases accordingly, so that the water supply is guaranteed. Efficiency The user’s requirements for water pressure and water volume have also achieved the purpose of improving water supply quality and water supply efficiency.

Corresponding to the characteristics of frequency converter control:

Multi-pump connection means that in the water supply control system, multiple inverters are connected to the host or the host computer to control multiple water pumps through communication, and perform actions such as start and stop, speed regulation, and rotation to meet the requirements of constant pressure water supply.

In the current multi-pump online phase pressure water supply system, many of them use PLC to realize the multi-pump online control, which not only increases the cost, but also involves some complicated work such as program programming.
The latest SD600P inverter developed by SINOVO can realize multi-pump online control without PLC, and can also use the auxiliary machine as a backup host.

Market demand:

The ball mill mining machinery industry has been listed as one of the strategic emerging industries by Chinese governmnet. The demand for applications on ball mills will undoubtedly continue to rise.

Application Scenario
Constant pressure water supply VFD
Constant pressure water supply VFD
Constant pressure water supply VFD

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